Welcome to KPI-Operation's Flyable Days METAR Database

Was your aviation-related business slow last month? Was it because of the weather or because of an internal organization problem? Now you'll never need to wonder, because our METAR database calculates flyable days for you. You'll then have the concrete data you need to produce important operational metrics such as "Revenue per flyable day" and "Gross profit per flyable day". You'll also have the management insight to search for ways to optimize revenue during poor weather.

You simply input your minimum ceiling height, minimum visibility, maximum total wind, maximum crosswind component, and hours of operation. We take care of the rest. Our algorithm records the published METAR each hour of the day, processes the information per your parameters and then catalogs the results for your use.


Please call 504-206-3833 or info@veritasconsulting.us for more information or to subscribe.

Produced in partnership with KPI Operations and Veritas Consulting